“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful of your life.”

– Mark Twain

cropped-img_3781.jpgOne of my favorite quotes for over 15 years, it is a mindset that I choose to bring not only to my daily life, but my mat as well. As a RYT 200 teacher, I enjoy the opportunity to help my students in making each practice a beautiful one. I offer Hatha and flow style classes with an emphasis on bringing peace to the mind and body, offering guidance through asanas for my students as they make each practice their own. I enjoy teaching all-level classes, while offering modifications for practitioners that may want to go a little deeper. Yoga has been a constant centering force in my life, join me in finding the joy yoga brings.

Mission Statement:

Originally I came to yoga to help deal with anxiety and have found amity both on and off the mat. The fact remains that yoga has done more for me than I could ever do for yoga. Giving back through teaching, by sharing the principles of a healthy mind and body within a practice is a delightful start. Yoga has changed my well-being, an immeasurable gift that I aim to share.

How I came to love yoga and why I stay: 

My entire life, I’ve been a hockey player, hockey holds my heart, yoga holds my soul. Not to get too emotional, but yoga saved me. When I moved to Maine, I moved away from my friends, family and ability to play hockey regularly, I was lost. Happiness is found from within, and yoga did that for me. Finding the right studio and the right group of instructors helped shape me into the teacher I choose to be today. A teacher who resonates with her students, who finds peace from familiar and unfamiliar faces joining me in practice, but most importantly of all, a teacher who makes each student feel as though they are a part of something more, each moment they’re on the mat and throughout their daily lives. If you practice yoga, your mind, body and heart will never be alone.




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  1. I think Mark Twain would be touched and proud with what you’ve written, I know I am… Your amazing words are relatable-they are your personal experience, your heart and soul translated so we, your friends, can share with you not only a better physical version [of ourselves], but also, a more enlightened emotional being.

    I truly loved reading your “story”…thank you. Huge hugs!

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